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The Source for Transportation Services in Alberta & Beyond Since 2005

Overland Transport Ltd. is a privately owned transportation company based out of Grande Prairie, AB providing exceptional quality service throughout Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. We provide light and heavy hauling in the Oil & Gas, Forestry and Agricultural industries.

Overland Transport strives to be your top choice to call by being an honest and safety conscious company and providing prompt, efficient and cost effective service to each and every customer, each and every time.

We can provide exceptional service through highly trained and experienced personnel and the use of top quality, well maintained equipment. By providing top notch personnel and equipment we pride ourselves on ensuring the protection and safety of the public and environment, our personnel, our clients and the loads we haul.

Service and safety is #1 at Overland Transport Ltd.

Call Overland Transport today whether it’s a winch-equipped tractor trailer, picker, crane or hotshot you need - we will take care of you!



We offer a variety of equipment to provide transportation services to our clients, including:

  • 45 ton pickers
  • Winch Tractors
  • Bed Truck Units
  • Texas Bed Units
  • Pilot and Hotshot Units


A Variety of Trailers:

  • Scissornecks
  • Trombones
  • Hi-boys/Low-boys
  • Double drops
  • B-Train flat decks
  • Gravel trailers
  • Jeeps and boosters

We've raised the bar for companies in the Alberta transportation industry by remaining committed to our clients and providing exceptional service through highly trained personnel and the use of quality equipment, whether it's a winch-equipped tractor trailer, a picker, hot shot or any of our other trucks. All of our equipment is professionally maintained, ensuring the protection and safety of our personnel, the people who work for our clients' companies and the loads we haul.

When businesses are looking to hire transportation companies in northern Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, they can hire Overland Transport with confidence. Moving heavy loads from point A to point B efficiently and effectively is what we do best.

For more information on any of the moving equipment we use, the trucks in our fleet or the services we provide to businesses in northern Alberta, BC and beyond, please call us: 780.402.1002.





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