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Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Overland Transport Ltd is one of the most experienced and well-equipped oilfield trucking companies in the region. With a fleet of trucks that were made for hauling loads and equipment to and from the oilfield, and a team of operators whose combined experience sets the standard for oilfield service companies in Alberta, there's no question that Overland Transport Ltd is capable of satisfying all your trucking needs.

Providing the Most Comprehensive Oilfield Trucking Service in Northern Alberta.

The Right Equipment & Trucks for the Alberta Oilfield

In order to provide the most comprehensive service to companies working in the oil and gas industry, we've stocked our fleet with trucks that were designed and built for hauling heavy and over-sized loads across challenging terrain and in any weather. Our fleet consists of pickers, winch tractors, bed trucks, Texas bed trucks, pilot and hotshot trucks and a wide variety of trailers, ensuring we're able to satisfy our oil and gas clients' unique equipment and trucking requirements.

What's more is that all our oilfield trucks are operated by personnel who have received highly specific and in-depth training, making them the best possible candidates for hauling to and from the oilfield. We are COR certified and work with several other safety management organizations because the safety of our clients and the people who work for us is our top priority.

Oilfield Trucking that's Fast & Reliable

We know that oil and gas companies need to maintain consistent levels of productivity to stay competitive. To ensure our Alberta and BC clients' operations never slow, we work according to their timetables, guaranteeing that the trucking service we provide is always on-time. When it comes to oilfield hauling in Alberta and BC, Overland Transport Ltd has a reputation for providing dependable service at competitive rates.

Transport your oilfield equipment and product with confidence! For reliable oilfield hauling in Grande Prairie, other parts of northern Alberta and BC, call Overland Transport Ltd at 780.402.1002.

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